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I wish I could start out this blog with good news about a house, but alas – not this week.  We are praying so much for the family who has come to look at it earlier in the week.  We know they love the house, so we are praying hard that the time is right for them to make an offer (because PLEASE!!!).  

Tomorrow starts the crazy that is baseball in our household.  I printed out the schedule yesterday and put it on my wall at work.  We meet with Jonathan’s baseball team 5 times a week usually, 3 practices and 2 games.  Lots of crock-pot meals are going to be happening, because this mama is not going to do a ton of fast-food or take-out!   His first game is tomorrow and I am so excited for him!   His dad has taken him to his last 2 practices, and J told me last night that he was going to get to play 2nd or center field.  

Tonight I work a wedding rehearsal at Seibels House.  The wedding season has begun and its about to get busy.  I love all the brides I get to work with, and recently got back in touch with one of my most favorite brides.  She has given me some catering pointers!  I work a lot this month, which is good – we have a wedding to finish paying for!

Tomorrow after Jonathan’s game, we are going to the Craftsman Classic Craft Show.  I won tickets from a local website, so I figured why not.  There is a metal works person there from Michigan, so Jake is interested in seeing what that person has.   Then at some point this weekend we need to go over our invitations and go ahead and order them.   

Sunday, it is church (we missed last week) and then BASEBALL!   We are going to the Carolina-Clemson baseball game and I am so excited.  I am bummed we won’t get to go to Greenville to see the teams play at Fluor Field, but maybe next year.

We are going to be busy, but as Jake told me the other night “we do well with busy”

Happy Friday y’all!


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