Becoming Mrs.Carey – Save the Date!

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So, since so many of our family lives far away – we opted to do a “Save the Date” card to everyone.  This gives them some pertinent information about the wedding – in plenty of time for anyone who needs to make a long term plan.  Jake & I went back and forth on these.  He saw some that he liked on pinterest that looked like sports tickets.  There are dozens of examples for sale on etsy in all teams, colors, sizes, etc.   We both have a ton pinned of ideas of what we were looking for.  I of course wanted ocardswith anchors & maybe a bible verse along with all the pertinent information.  Jake wanted the ticket look.  

Jake won out (more on that later).  However…..I could not get anyone on etsy to write me back about a custom design!  I emailed a few folks who said they offered custom design, and crickets….I heard nothing.  I reached out to a friend (Ashley)who sells save the date bookmarks .  She did respond and after some back & forth, determined that she could not do them (which is fine, she has a literary focus – not a sports focus!).  So what’s a girl left to do?  Make my own!   I spent 2 hours while I was on my lunch breaks using PicMonkey to make a custom image.  

A little editing, a little cursing at the screen and I think we finally have what we were looking for!   The Carolina helmet was a pain to create. I found the Michigan helmet first, super simple.  Went to see if could find the same style in the Carolina one.  Nope – I found one with a missing facemask, one that was tilted (and could not be edited).  Finally, I had to take a similar looking SC State helmet and edited out their logo, and added the Carolina “block C” logo.

How did Jake “win out” this option?  Well, because the invitations themselves will be a bit more formal.  He wants to be so involved and I love that.  Its nice to have someone who wants to help, versus someone who says “just tell me when to show up.”
We have had some other discussions where he has picked an idea and really researched it, and its been fun to see what he comes up with.  Currently, he has picked out our wedding favors, in addition to the save the date below!    We ordered them from Vistaprint.  I love that website, so many good things and there are always tons of discounts & coupons available.  

These will be hitting mailboxes around mid to late February and we are so excited about them!  

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