Tuesday Topics – Favorite Blog Posts

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Its been awhile since Lauren over at Live.Love.Lauren did a Tuesday Topics, and I am excited she brought it back!  This weeks theme is “Favorite Blog Posts”. 

It didn’t say if it had to be my blog posts or others, so I am going to go with my own!  This week we are on the #6!

1.  Hands down, my favorite will always be when I told my story about postpartum depression & anxiety.  Climbing out of Darkness

2.  My second favorite is a story about forgiveness.   The Most Freeing Thing

3.  A little story about being the bigger person.  Grace

4.  I would be remiss in leaving out this one about our engagement.  Surprise!

5. That time we made boiled peanuts.  A semi-failed attempt.

6.  Sometimes jealousy pops up. Envy & Substance


I hope you enjoy reading through those posts, I know I did!  Tune in next week for another fun Tuesday (not a Tuesday Topics, but still fun!)





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