Becoming Mrs.Carey – Venues!

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So I am going to try to do a few blog posts about our upcoming wedding, without making this blog be “all about our wedding”.

Working for Historic Columbia, I have gotten to work in two of the most beautiful venues in Columbia – Seibels House & the Robert Mills House.  I mainly work at Seibels, because its my favorite.  Its beautiful original hardwoods, and the black & white tiled sunroom are what stands out in that house for me.  However, for our budget – those two options were out.  Plus, they are both venues that get booked a year or more in advance!  We don’t have a year, we are getting married this summer.

After some searching and numbers crunching – we picked – Palmetto Collegiate Institute!    Palmetto Collegiate was built in 1881, and was used as a private school from 1881 until 1911 when it closed.  The building then went into private hands, becoming a residence for multiple families.  It was purchased by the Town of Lexington in 2001, and was briefly on the chopping block to be demolished to make room for additional parking for the town hall.   The town decided to renovate and use as a meeting/event space and what stands today is just that.  Using original photographs, architects created a space in keeping with the original style.


The other day we were running errands and I asked Jake if we could swing by.  We did, and walked around the grounds a bit.  I noticed there were some women coming in and out of the building – like they were setting up an event.  I peeked my head in and introduced myself.  They were actually from the local Shriner’s group, and were cleaning up from a luncheon.   They were sweet enough to give me a tour of the building, along with some good natured ribbing of Jake who was wearing a Michigan hat (they were Ohio State fans).  The tour gave us a little peace of mind over some of the decisions we have made, and also lead to some more discussion over how we would have things arranged (this is sure to change!).

See the gable on the top?  Its open to the inside and is a beautiful way to incorporate light into the space.  Saturday was a sunny day, and it helped light up the room.  The huge wide porches on 3 sides will be a great way to welcome our guests, and provide some shade on a summer day.  The grounds themselves are beautiful in winter, and from all the photos I have seen are also beautiful in the summer when everything is green and blooming.

Best part – the venue itself comes in under $600, and includes tables of all shapes & sizes, and chairs!  In working with brides at Historic Columbia, this is a HUGE expense!   So this was a win-win for us!   We know we will still rent a tent, to provide additional shade – but not having to rent tables & chairs is a load off!



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