Becoming Mrs. Carey – The Dress….

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So, this post will contain no photos of me because….we want to keep some things a surprise!    After Christmas, I went with my matron of honor Laura, my bridesmaid Allison, my friend Melissa & Jake’s mom Marge to look at dresses.  I honestly did not think I was going to end up picking something that day.  I went in with a list of dresses from David’s Bridal’s website that I wanted to try on.

When we got there, we met Fran – my dress assistant.  She first gave me my “foundation garments” – a corset that had probably 20 snaps down the back, and a crinoline.  After a few unsuccessful attempts at getting into the corset, I had to call Allison in for help.  Once I was cinched into that, we started the dress parade.  Unfortunately they did not have everything on my wish list and that was fine.  A few dresses I had to try on the dress in a larger size, and be “clipped” into the dress.   This is an interesting experience because you are literally standing there in this beautiful gown that’s essentially being held together with giant binder clips.  First dress was gorgeous, full of beading and lace.  I walked out and got all the appropriate “oohs and aahhs”, and immediately Melissa said “you don’t like it”.  It wasn’t that I didn’t like it, I am pretty sure it weighed about 15 lbs.  It was so heavy from all the lace and beading.  All I could think was how my arms were going to get scratched up on the sides from it (weird, I know).  After some discussion about how hot it would be in July, along with a “can you lift your arms” (Laura’s #1 dress question), I said no to that one.

Into another dress, and same questions – can you walk, can you sit, how do you feel, can you lift your arms?   One more dress that required several lines from Gone with the Wind to be said.  It sucked because I had nothing to hold onto while Allison pulled the back of the gown together just like a corset.   Example:   

I had said when we came in that because some of the dresses were not available, that everyone should just go pick out something they want to see me try on.  Allison and Laura did just that.  Allison said “I know you probably won’t like it, but I want you to try it on”.  I tried it on and absolutely loved it.  It is light & airy, and almost floats around me.  It is simple – and perfect to wear with my boots!   We have one very easy adjustment to make to it, which hopefully Allison or my mom can help me with once I get the dress in hand.  Lucky for me, the dress was on sale and I was able to put it on layaway last week.   A few more weeks and it will be mine!

Jake & I have opted to NOT do a “first look” before our wedding.  He wants it to be a total surprise when he sees me walk down the aisle, and I am okay with that.  I cannot wait to share my portraits and wedding photos here after our wedding!

I am glad that I got to share this moment with my girlfriends, and especially Melissa who moved away to “the islands” a few days after that day.  I’m glad Jake’s mom could also be there to share in it!   Next up will be taking my daughters to pick out a bridesmaids dress, along with Allison and Laura trying theirs on.  Also need to get Natalee a dress – but we will probably wait until later in the spring to do that, simply for “growth spurt” reasons (as suggested by the manager at David’s).



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