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So, I guess the title gives nothing away when it comes to what the surprise was – but…I won’t beat around the bush:



Jake asked me to marry him over Thanksgiving while we were visiting my parents.  We had gone to take family photos (another post with those), and little did I know – but he had the ring in his pocket the whole time!

The kids were being a little clingy while we were taking photos, and he couldn’t get them to all stay together with their sister so he could ask me on the bridges at the park we were at.  Once we were done with photos, we were walking back to the car and he asked Katie to please get the kids in the car.  We were holding hands, and we walked over to this little pier next to the boat launch.  I thought he just wanted a few moments away from the kids to kiss me, and just enjoy the last little bit of the sunset.  There was a kid on the pier looking for crabs in the water, so I talked to him for  a few seconds before I turned around to find Jake down on one knee.  I said “oh my god” several times, and turned to apologize to this kid as well.  I apologized because we had essentially trapped this kid on the end of the pier and he couldn’t get off unless he went around us or in the water.  Jake said he wasn’t paying attention anyway.  I of course grabbed Jake’s face and kissed him several times as he asked me to be his wife.  It was perfect.  We hugged, kissed and he slipped a beautiful ring on my hand.  I amazingly – didn’t cry (Jake says it is because I was too cold).

We started to walk back to the car hand in hand and the kids came out of the car running towards us.  Jonathan yelled “its about time” and the girls were so excited.  Even my nephew Kyler was excited, although I don’t think he knew exactly what was going on.

It was the perfect proposal, and the ring is amazing.  Jake did such a good job!  The photo is not the best, but its the one that he took of me so he could make a really sweet facebook post!


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