A semi-failed attempt

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peanuts-2Love them or Hate them – everyone in the South has an opinion of boiled peanuts.  People from up north usually look at you like you have lost your mind and ask you to repeat yourself if you offer them some.  My mother & sister in law think they are disgusting.  My “from the North” boyfriend loves them.   They are delicious, salty and the perfect snack.  We usually always buy 1 pack from the roving sellers at every football game (photo to the left is from a tailgate earlier this year.

 But after several weeks discussion – we finally decided to make our own.   We went grocery shopping and the Bi-Lo had just received a brand new shipment of locally grown raw peanuts.  Armed with roughly 3lbs and 1 canister of salt – we headed home to begin the cooking adventure.   We used Paula Deen’s recipe, found online.  

I took this photo of the pot just before we turned the burner on.



I posted on facebook about our little adventure, and the advice we received was “don’t oversalt”.  David, I must say that was good advice that I sadly, did not follow – but not on purpose.  You see, I added more water because they weren’t quite done and the water had boiled down a good bit.  When I added more water, I was talking to Jake about what I was doing and he said “should you add more salt?”.  I said “probably, and threw what I can guess equaled another 1/8 of a cup in.  Bad idea, bad idea – abort mission.  2 hours later we tested them again and wow they were salty, and some still had a little bit of a “bite” to them, without being completely mushy.   BUT – they were so good!!

Advice I have received since completion:

  • let them soak for 2 hours in the salty water, but with a plate on top of them to weight them down in the water.
  • let them sit until the water cools once they are done, and they all sink to the bottom of the pan.
  • again, do NOT oversalt!

Would we do it again? Absolutely!  Will we add less salt – hell yes!   I also heard you can boil them in chicken stock to give them an added flavor.  They are still though, my favorite tailgate snack!   






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