envy & substance

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Scrolling through facebook the other day, I glanced at Jake and said “so and so is going up to the mountains”.  He rolled his eyes and said “I hate them sometimes.”   I nodded and kept scrolling.   Was I jealous – absolutely.  We had wanted to go up to the mountains, and just hadn’t been able to make it work this summer.  We wanted a romantic weekend away one weekend. Another weekend we wanted to go apple picking with the kids – like I got to do last fall.  But the money wasn’t there, and we just stayed home.

I think sometimes we get too focused on the “wants” and less focused on what’s right in front of us.  We had a bye weekend from football 2 weeks ago. We had looked and planned for a weekend away, Charleston, Asheville – anywhere but here.  Hotels were outrageous, and well – a hurricane happened to stroll on through the weekend prior.  We stayed home, we did housework, and watched way too many episodes of Quantico and we just enjoyed each other.   We had family dinners with the kids, and played.  We did things with substance – things that really, really matter.  We spent time together as a family.  I’m not saying that being frivolous and running off for a weekend away isn’t substance – but…..

The bible tells us in James 3:15: Wherever there is jealousy and rivalry, there is disorder and every kind of evil.   We were jealous of what another was getting to do, and it was creating disorder in our hearts.  I don’t wish evil on them and I sure as heck don’t wish evil on ourselves.  It does also make me wonder, are those folks truly happy?  They put out this great image all the time all over social media, going here and there – and sometimes it seems like bragging.   I am all for bragging on Jake when he does something great, because I think he does deserve the credit.  However, maybe I need to do less of the public bragging – and more telling him how much I appreciate him.

Sometimes that green-eyed monster pops up and we wallow a bit in the “why can’t we…” mess.  We vent a little, and go about our lives.  Because in reality at the end of the day – what others do and don’t do in their own lives doesn’t matter.  What matters is how we are living each and every day.





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