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OK, like a lot of bloggers out there (and non-bloggers too) I am a pinterest fanatic!  I have gotten so many great ideas off of the site.   However, i think my kids love the new breakfast idea we tried today, Jonathan said it was the best idea so far.   All you need is:

a waffle maker
1 “can” of refrigerated cinnamon rolls (we like the orange sweet rolls best)
PAM or other cooking spray.

Pre-heat the waffle maker, and then spray it.  Put 1 cinnamon roll into each “section” of the waffle maker.  Ours is swuare and has 4 sections.   Close the lid until it “locks”.  Sing for 90 seconds (or go potty, wash a dish, get plates out, whatever).  Open the lid, they may need a few more seconds, but shouldn’t need more than 2 minutes.  Pop them off, put them on a plate and put some icing on them.  We finished up the entire process in less than 10 minutes.

This is PERFECT for busy weekday mornings when you want to give the kids a hot breakfast, but don’t have a ton of time.  It’s also perfect for hot summer days when the kids want something more than cereal, but you don’t have to heat up the oven (and in turn, the whole house).  The best part, they cook in 90 FREAKING SECONDS!!  Who knew?

Excuse the crummy photos, I just took them quickly with my phone.   =)

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