Welcome to Seno…I mean Woodbury?

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Millions of towns all over the country have at one time been the backdrop for a movie or TV show.  Here in Coweta County, GA – we’ve been host to many – from current television favorites like Drop Dead Diva and The Walking Dead…to much loved movies such as Driving Miss Daisy and Sweet Home Alabama.   While I don’t watch The Walking Dead, I thought it would be fun to go over to Senoia to see where things are being filmed at.  Some evenings, you can go into town and actually watch the filming.  I have friends who have met the actors and taken their photos with them.   Senoia is home to the fictional town of Woodbury, GA.  Again, I don’t watch the show, so I don’t know how the town plays out in the show.

But here are some photos I thought you’d enjoy!  The signs in town are frequently covered to reflect the Woodbury name vs. Senoia.  The coffee shop & visitors center both have “interchangeable signs”.   For those who watch the show, the Woodbury Town Hall – it’s just the facade of the building, behind the front wall is a fenced lot where they keep props & rigging equipment!


What towns are filmed near you or your town?


    • lori says:

      It’s such a cute little town….I will have to find the filming locations for you, so maybe you can catch a glimpse of them filming and see some of the actors!

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