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Introducing our newest family member Riley (aka:  riles, riley roo, or “UGH!”)

We think Riley is a swiss mountain dog (after doing a bit of research & talking to his foster mom).  He is adorable, occasionally rambunctious but loves the kids (and me) to pieces.   We didn’t go looking to adopt a dog right now.  My life is complicated enough without adding a 4th child to take care of, but he sort of found us and we immediately fell in love.  He was adopted through the Newnan Coweta Humane Society here in town, and we got him on April 14th.

The humane society estimated that he was about 2 months old when we got him.  He was living with his foster mom Linda, and a “sister” named Mercy (a black lab who was also up for adoption).    His favorite spot to lay is right under my feet when I’m sitting in the lounge chair, or right by the couch if one of the kids is asleep on the couch.   He is for the most part house broken, and will whine by the back door to be let out.  So far the only thing he’s chewed up was one of Katie’s flip flops in the van when the kids & Matt picked me up from the airport last weekend.  She needed new flip flops anyway.  =)

But, we welcome Riley to our family, and look forward to many fun years!




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