Mailbox Monday!

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What’s been in your mailbox lately?   I’ve gotten in on a few freebies from K-Cup makers, including a 4 pack of free trade coffees from Green Mountain, and a WHOLE BOX of Hot Chocolate K-cups!   These were both facebook freebies, being given away on the companies facebook page.

Here are a few more you can probably get in on.  I don’t guarentee you’ll get anything from these, and always remember a true freebie will NEVER ask for your credit card or social security number.   Some may ask your date of birth, since internet safety rules prevent those under the age of 13 from signing up for many things, and some are only for 18+.

Kleenex is giving away this cute little box of tissues in their “Softness worth Sharing” giveaway.  I did this last year and had some sent to my work address.  It arrived in a very cute little box!  It was nice to keep in the glovebox of my car as extra tissues!   Send one to a friend too!   Kleenex Share the Softness Free Tissue Pack! 

Lego Club Magazine!  Katie gets this and loves it.  Of course it’s a giant advertisement for Lego, but it does have many neat articles and shows kids things to build with the legos they have.    She’s been getting it for a few months now, so once her subscription runs out, we’ll sign up again. This is a freebie for most countries.  You can check it out here:  Free Lego Club Magazine Subscription!





Hope this will brighten your mailbox!  Feel free to let me know of any other freebies you find out there and we’ll post them! 









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