Can’t Get Enough…

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Right now I cannot get enough of my youtube playlist for work.

Every song has a meaning to me, reminds me of someone or just makes me dance.  Chances are though it reminds me of someone.  Work lately has been crazy and I haven’t been playing the music. I started again on Thursday and realized how much it made my day better, and made me smile!  Even if sometimes I don’t realize it’s on and I only catch a line or two of a song.    Sometimes I find myself singing to myself (or sometimes a little too loud if no one else is around!)

Some songs remind me of back home, some remind me a certain person.  Some just make me dance – Waka,Waka or Pump It anyone? 

The playlist is constantly changing too, I’m adding or taking off songs.  Some of the songs will always stay – most things by Lady Antebellum never come off the playlist – I love them too much.  Right now “I Run To You” by Lady A is a song I hold close to my heart, as it reminds me of a friend who I always seem to fall back on when things go wrong.   I love having a friend who knows me so well, and can always tell me exactly what I need to hear, even if it isn’t what I want to hear.    I think we all need a friend like that!

What’s on your playlist?


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