Been there, Done That.

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This past week my brother deployed, along with the husbands of a few friends from our days as a Marine Corps family.  The day he left and the day before, my heart ached.  Not for me or my kids, or my parents – but for my sister in law and nephew.   As a Marine Corps wife of a husband who deployed twice – on the same type deployment – I understand what she is going through. I can with all honesty, I know what she is going through.   Word of advice, don’t ever tell a Marine wife (or any military wife) that you feel her pain, unless you have been there, done that like she has.   I once had someone tell me that they understood how I felt because they were a single parent as well (through divorce, not deployment).  I in very plain terms told them they had no idea what I was going through, along with a sprinkle of profanity hung up on them.  It was my wedding anniversary and I was none too happy to have someone tell me they understood, when they didn’t have a clue!

Someone asked me once why I tear up when I see a family reuniting with their service member on the news, or watching a family wave goodbye to their Marine, Sailor or Soldier.  It’s because I know the emotions, I know the fear, the anxiety and the uncertainty.  Once you’ve been through a deployment, you never forget those emotions.  They may fade, and sometimes you may forget – but a simple image can bring it all flooding back.  Once you’ve been in those shoes, you would understand.  Marine wives are a tough lot, and I am so incredibly proud to be one of those wives.   There are days I wake up and cannot believe that Matt has been out for almost 6 years.   It seems like just yesterday that Katie and I were sending him off.

I am thankful for those years we spent as a Marine Corps family, and I am so incredibly proud of my fellow wives who are still out there holding it all together.

to my sister in law – I am amazed by your strength, you are amazing and you are going to do great!

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  1. Lynsay says:

    thank you lori. i can’t read anything these days without holding back tears.
    the funny thing is, i knew that deployments were a part of what we signed up for, but i had no idea. i still can’t fathom 7 months without him. what i do know, is that i have an awesome support group of women who would do anything for me and they are my backbone. i love that about the military. we come from all walks of life but have the marine corps in common and so we are there for each other at 3 am when we get lonely.
    thank you for this blog and thank you for making me cry 😉 xoxo love you schintzel.

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